Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Star of the Month (October 2014): Ruby Dee

People of Color in Classic Film introduces the first star of the first installment of a new segment: the late Ruby Dee.


Previous Posts

Ossie and Ruby

A post dedicated to the beloved couple on Valentine's Day 2013.

Stars of Color: Blacklisted!

Ms. Dee and her husband, Ossie Davis, were mentioned in a July 2013 post acknowledging blacklisted entertainers of color.

No Way Out (1950) Movie Review

There is a quick mention of Ms. Dee and Mr. Davis in my review of the 1950 film, No Way Out.

Celebrating the Oscars (Continued) - Mass Appreciation Post

Ruby Dee's Oscar nomination for her work in American Gangster is mentioned in this post.

St. Louis Blues (1958) Review

I praised Ms. Dee's performance in the 1958 film, St. Louis Blues--posted just days before her passing.

Rest in Peace, Ruby Dee

My thoughts on the life, legacy, and passing of Ruby Dee.

Ruby Dee on YouTube

A post with links to movies and television episodes starring, co-starring, or featuring Ruby Dee (all available on YouTube).

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