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Hi there! My name is Adrienne, but you can call me "Aige" (pronounced "age", the 'i' makes it look fancier). 

I'm a recent college graduate who majored in Communication and minored in Film/Video Studies. I love many things, but I love Film and Filmmaking like a child: I don't always know what I'm doing with it and sometimes it frustrates me--but I'd never give up on it. I'm always looking forward to new experiences and new lessons. 

So how did this whole Film and Classic Entertainment-loving journey begin?

In case you ever wanted to know what my favorite movie was...

I've always been surrounded by classic or "retro" entertainment. As a child, I was exposed to things old and new in music, television, and movies. But what really ignited the flame for me was Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. My mom ordered the hit HBO series on VHS and before I knew it, I was on a journey to discovering Dorothy Dandridge. Along the way, I'd discovered other Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, and Ava Gardner. Of course, being a young black girl, I had to trek on a Harlem journey, then a "Black Hollywood" journey--and I'm still trekkin' today. After over a decade of cultivating that interest, People of Color in Classic Film was born in 2012.

Not only has this blog given me the opportunity to share some of my "expertise" if you will, but it has also given me the opportunity to learn so much. I'm learning more than I'm sharing, actually. Again, I'm still trekking on this road of history, but I don't want the journey to ever end. I am happy that you've decided to join me on the trail. 

Contact Me:

Email: littleadrienne92@gmail.com
Twitter: @aige_poccf
Facebook: People of Color in Classic Film


  1. Still loving your commitment and dedication to your vision.



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