Welcome to People of Color in Classic Film, formerly known as Aige: Film and Television.

This is a blog dedicated to the people, the movies, and the television shows/moments that have gone overlooked and unsung in classic American cinema/television discussion.

Here is what you can expect here:

Biographical Posts

Informal (but Informative) Appreciation Posts
These posts are more-so a collection of an entertainer's/filmmaker's work than a biography of their life. They contain photos, video clips, and important links. A small biography may sometimes be included, but links to their Wikipedia and IMDb pages always will be. 

Movie Reviews

Birthday Recognition

In Memoriam

News Updates


That's Old News! 

You ever have someone come to you to dish some scoop, only to realize they're telling you something you already know? "That's old news!" we sometimes say...

It is possible to consider the "That's Old News" segment as being like a "baby sister" to Appreciation Posts. This segment is a collection of past/vintage news articles on "classic" People of Color--all obtained from Google's News Archive. 

"Star of the Month"

POC in Classic Film's newest segment began in October 2014 (our first star being Ruby Dee). Each month, we will recognize a classic star (performer or behind-the-scenes) and their contributions to film, television, and society. 

"Guest Posts"

Every Sunday, I will be sharing posts from guest bloggers! So far, our main guest blogger is HepClassic on Tumblr. If you'd like one of your posts featured on POC in Classic Film, please shoot me an email!


Past Features

Monthly Themes

Mr. Sali's Reviews 

Movie of the Week

I used to watch and review a movie every week on POC in Classic Film. I was in college around this time and soon found this segment to be overwhelming. 'Star of the Month' is what took its place.

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