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Unsung of the Screen: Vivian Dandridge (Post Three)

It's a little hard to find information about Vivian's life online (Donald Bogle's biography on Dorothy may provide the best information), so the information you're about to read is mainly from Wikipedia and not all facts are available.

Vivian was married five times--first to a Jack Montgomery (1942-1943), Warren Bracken (?-?), Ralph Bledsoe (1946-1947), Forace Stead (1951-1953), and Gustav Friedrich (1958-?) and was romantically linked to entertainer Emmett "Babe" Wallace (with whom had a son, Michael in 1943). All of Vivian's marriages ended in divorce unfortunately.

Here is a photo of entertainer "Babe" Wallace.

Also, click HERE to read a small article on Vivian's divorce from her fourth husband, Forace.


Throughout the 1950s, Vivian continued to struggle to find work. She had only two minor film roles--one as a "native girl" named Melisse in the classic film I Walked With a Zombie and the other in an uncredited role as a schoolteacher in Bright Road, a film in which her sister was the star. In 1955 she would attend the Academy Awards with her Oscar nominated sister and would also replace Thelma Carpenter in the Broadway play Anchors Aweigh.

In post four, we will look at a sad decision in Vivian's life that may have had a major affect on the entire Dandridge family.

Photo of Emmett "Babe" Wallace:

Photo of Vivian and Dorothy:

Magazine clipping:

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