Sunday, July 1, 2012

Unsung of the Screen: Vivian Dandridge (Post Four)

In 1956, Vivian Dandridge suddenly moved away and went into seclusion. Her sister Dorothy would hire a private detective to find her and discovered that she was living in South France and later in New York City. She had changed her name to Marina Rozell and began performing in nightclubs and "open mic" nights in New York, Canada, Europe. After constantly being harassed by club owners and managers, she finally gave up the stage and started doing puppet shows for children.

Another sad turn took place in the Dandridge family in 1965. Dorothy Dandridge had passed away. Her death is still quite mysterious and confusing. Vivian couldn't bare to attend her little sister's funeral. She would later reunite with her mother Ruby, but the mother-daughter relationship would remain a rocky one until Ruby's death in 1987.

The above photo is the cover of her only album, "The Look of Love", released in 1968.

Here is a song from the album:

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