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Merle Oberon Appreciation Post


Merle Oberon is POC in Classic Film's 'Star of the Month' for April 2015! Below are links to movies, television/radio broadcasts, and more!



by Charles Higham and Roy Moseley 
Published in May of 1983

also by Charles Higham and Roy Moseley
Published in August of 1983

(A fictionalized account of Merle Oberon's life)
by Michael Korda
Published in May of 1987
 (Michael Korda is the nephew of Alexander Korda, Merle's first husband)

by Jerome Holcomb
Published on June 27, 2014

Merle Oberon photographed for Cine-Mundial magazine [Source]

Short Films

(Oberon can be seen starting at 7:13)


Feature-Length Films

Oberon appears as 'Anne Boleyn The Second Wife'. 

This film marks the first time she uses the name 'Merle Oberon' (she'd previously been known professionally as "Queenie O'Brien").

Oberon co-stars as 'Antonita, a Dancer of Passionate Temperament'.

Oberon co-stars as 'Lady Blakeney'

The Dark Angel (1935)
Oberon stars as 'Kitty Vane'. 

She received her first and only Oscar-nomination for her work in this film. 

*Link leads to "Part 1/2" on Dailymotion. The link also contains video ads*


I, Claudius (1936)
Oberon co-stars as 'Messalina' 

The Divorce of Lady X (1938)
Oberon stars as 'Leslie Steele/Lady Claire Mere'

That Uncertain Feeling (1941)
Oberon stars as 'Jill'

Lydia (1941)
Oberon stars as 'Lydia MacMillan'
*Link leads to "Part 1/11" on YouTube*


Stage Door Canteen (1941)
Oberon appears as Herself

Night in Paradise (1946)
Oberon stars as 'Delarai'
*Link leads to "Part 1/7" on YouTube*

Affair in Monte Carlo (1952)
Oberon stars as 'Linda Venning'

Of Love and Desire (1963)
Oberon stars as 'Katherine Beckmann'

Oberon pictured with Melvyn Douglas for That Uncertain Feeling (1941). This was the first Merle Oberon film I'd seen! That was well over five years ago now. [Photo Source]


Lux Radio Theater: "The Dark Angel"
(aired June 22, 1936)

Lux Radio Theater: "'Til We Meet Again" 
(aired June 10, 1940)

Command Performance (The First Episode)
(aired on March 1, 1942)
*Oberon is introduced at about 21:20*

The Abbott and Costello Show: "Knights in Shining Armor"
(aired on November 19, 1942)

Lux Radio Theater: "Dark Waters"
(aired November 11, 1944)

Screen Guild Theater Radio: "The Age of Innocence"
(aired December 18, 1944)
*Link leads to "Part 1/3" on YouTube*

Screen Guild Theater Radio: "Wuthering Heights"
(aired February 25, 1946)
*Link leads to "Part 1/3 on YouTube*

Stars in the Air: "Night Song"
(aired May 17, 1952)



Four Star Playhouse: "Sound Off, My Love"
(Original Air Date: February 12, 1953)
Oberon stars as 'Martha'

Four Star Playhouse: "Love at Sea"
(Original Air Date: October 15, 1953)
Oberon co-stars as 'Margot Sterling'

What's My Line?
(Original Air Date: October 17, 1954)
*Oberon is introduced at about 18:09*

Four Star Playhouse: "Eddie's Place"
(Original Air Date: March 10, 1955)
Oberon appears uncredited as 'Sara Belmont'

Fun Find!

Susan Yara, the founder of the YouTube channel, Mixed Makeup, collaborated with celebrity makeup artist, Troy Jensen, to create a Merle Oberon-inspired look. Click here to see the video! Her transformation is amazing.


My favorite photo of Merle Oberon [Source]


I hope you're able to find the time to check out some of these links! I can't wait to dig in, myself!

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