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Sheila Guyse in the News!

The Google News Archive has practically become a second home for me. You're guaranteed to find many interesting pieces of history in entertainment news' past. You could go on a quest for one piece of information, and end up opening a treasure chest of news stories. This was the case for my Sheila Guyse search.

From 16 Stone Vintage (a MUST visit site!)

I always refer to Ms. Guyse, our 'Star of the Month', as "unsung", falsely (and hastily) assuming that she never got her just due, but the infinite number of articles written about her in The Afro American prove otherwise. Here are links to just a few of these articles:

(Mar. 31, 1945)

According to this small section, Ms. Guyse was discovered in a Kansas City nightclub. As a result, she was signed on to play a lead role in the short-running Broadway play, Memphis Bound!. Click the link above to read about Ms. Guyse's rise and to see a beautiful photo of her. 

Related Articles: ""Memphis Bound" to Open May 17" and ""Memphis Bound," May 23" (two sections down from Katherine Dunham story)

Belasco Theatre (where Memphis Bound! played) [Source]


(Jun. 30, 1945)

Ms. Guyse was the subject of a terrible rumor spread by columnist, Walter Winchell, and also by columnists David Quirk, and Earl Wilson. These columnists falsely (or misleadingly) reported that Ms. Guyse was seen "picking cotton in Mississippi". Ms. Guyse, a Mississippi native, told the press that she'd made a visit to the South and only pulled a few bolls out of curiosity. Get more details about this news story in the link.

The notorious Walter Winchell (from Wikipedia)


(Oct. 27, 1945)

According to an October 1945 edition of The Afro American, Sheila Guyse, along with many others, staged a grand show for "the boys of the S.A. Club". Read about it in the link above!


(Jan. 11, 1947)

Ms. Guyse and Billy Daniels were both lauded for their performances in the Herald Pictures film, Sepia Cinderella. Read all about it in the link!

From Turner Classic Movies

Related Article: "In Herald's New Flicker" (another beautiful photo of Ms. Guyse in this link)


(Jun. 1, 1954)

This section of a June 1954 issue of the Washington Afro-American announces Ms. Guyse's impending role in a Broadway musical titled, Black Cotton


It appears that Sheila Guyse was welcomed back to the nightclub circuit in 1957 with opened arms! Click the link to read her section in the Star Gazing column.

Sheila Guyse in Sepia Cinderella (gif by me; originally shared on Classic Ladies of Color)

Honorable Mention

This Washington Afro-American article populated in Google News Archive search results for Sheila Guyse. It is an article on actress Sheila Anderson, daughter of Sheila Guyse. It was young Sheila, who now goes by S. Crystal Devin, who informed me (and other entertainment/informative outlets) of her mother's illness and passing.

In the 1983 article, Ms. Devin talks about her life as an actress and her life overall--from how she lives and eats to what her aspirations are. Check out the link!

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