Sunday, November 9, 2014

Star of the Month: Lawrence Chenault - Appreciation Post

The first post dedicated in honor of November 2014's 'Star of the Month', Mr. Lawrence Chenault

Below is a list of links to films featuring the unsung screen and stage performer:

In this film, Lawrence Chenault plays "Jefferson Driscoll", a white-passing hotel manager with a hatred for the Black race.

Lawrence Chenault played the role of "Bob Calem", a cowhand who wears a skeleton costume to scare a gang of outlaws who have begun to wreak havoc on the range.

Lawrence Chenault played "Yello-Curley' Hinds--the Phony Reverend's Former Jailmate". 

Lawrence Chenault played the role of "Ralph Hathaway", an affluent man and potential father-in-law to one of the lead characters. 

Lawrence Chenault played the role of "Gary Martin". 

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