Monday, August 25, 2014

That's Old News! (#7)

I hope you find these newspaper finds interesting and informative!


"Betti Mays Rose From Orphanage Ward to Become the Toast of Band Circles"

In May of 1947, The Afro American published a mini-biography of singer, dancer, actress, and bandleader, Betti Mays in their paper. I had no idea that Ms. Mays (who was also married to Ralph Cooper) was a bandleader! Click here to read the story of this multi-talented legend.


"Talented Ruby Dee Plays the Wife of a Neurosurgeon in 'Peyton Place'"

The late, great Ruby Dee appeared in 20 episodes of Peyton Place. Along with mention of her 1968 debut on the show, the Schenectady Gazette also gives a brief biography and mentions her "recently" completed role in Uptight!. Click here to read the article.


"Sheila Guyse Explodes Myth"

From the The New York Times

Journalist Walter Winchell was known as the entertainment industry's most feared journalists. He was known for exposing embarrassing or scandalous information about certain celebrities and government officials. Even the late singer and actress, Sheila Guyse was a target of Mr. Winchell at one point. Click here to read about a (dispelled) rumor published by Winchell and two other journalists--David Quark and Earl Wilson.


"Cab Calloway Tilt with Booking Agent Was Surprise to Broadway"

From Wikimedia Commons

Apparently, things got a little heated backstage at a Broadway show in August of 1940! Click here to read the Afro American article.


"Casting Begins for All-Sepia Mystery Film"

From Wikipedia

Casting for the 1940 film, Four Shall Die was announced just underneath the Cab Calloway article above. Click here and scroll down to read about the casting news. 


"Mantan Moreland says he's ready for serious roles now"

Mantan Moreland is probably best remembered for his role as "Birmingham Brown" in the Charlie Chan films. In the late 1950s, Mr. Moreland revealed that he wanted to "keep up with the times" and the industry's "growth"--and wanted to play more dramatic roles. Read more in The Afro American here.


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