Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Hiatus

Hello everyone, 'tis Adrienne :)

I first want to let you all know (if I haven't already) that I am currently enrolled in summer classes at my university--it's my last semester in college, woop woop! However, as you may know, summer school=longer hours, assignments closer together--things like that. I thought I would be able to manage POC in Classic Film, My Aige Old Soul, and other blogs this summer, but...I can't.

So, it is with deep regret that I inform you all that starting next week, I will be taking a hiatus from both of my Blogspot blogs--and this includes Aige Old Radio. 

Again, this "hiatus" will start next week--June 9th to be exact--and I will resume blogging on August 18th. "Upcoming Movies" (after Salón México) will be pushed up to August. Then, there will be some subsequent changes made to the blog that I will probably schedule for "announcement" this weekend.

My review for St. Louis Blues (1958) is posted and I hope to have the Salón México review posted this weekend. 

 I hope you all have a splendid summer and hopefully, the next time you hear (read) from me, I will be the holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Film Studies (and a job). 


See ya on the "flip side"!


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