Sunday, April 27, 2014

Upcoming "Movies of the Week" (May - July)

I always post the featured movies of the week in the 'Movie of the Week' as sort of an "unveiling", but Finals Week is coming up and I will soon begin summer classes after. I will try to keep the tab updated, but just in case I get a little behind, please refer to this list. A link to it will be in the 'Movie of the Week' tab as well.

Before I get into the list, to all of the students (college, high school, whatever you're in) who follow or subscribe to People of Color in Classic Film: good luck with your finals, exams, tests, quizzes and whatever else will come along for you during this time of year. I highly recommend a free, downloadable program called "Focal Filter" for your computer to help you study. With this program, you add certain sites to a block list and you get to block them for a set period of time--however much time you like. I've gotten many a papers done without distraction because of this program! Now, the list...

Upcoming Movies of the Week(s)

Pinky [April 28 – May 5]

Stormy Weather [May 5 – 12]

Scar of Shame [May 12 - 19]

Broken Strings [May 19 – 26]

St. Louis Blues (1958) [May 26 – June 2]

Salón México [June 2 – 9]

The Cheat [ June 9 - 16]

Toll of the Sea [June 16 – 23]

Anna Lucasta (1958) [June 23 – 30]
(Available on Netflix)

Sanders of the River [June 30 – July 7]

Big Fella [July 7 - 14]

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