Monday, December 9, 2013

Marguerite Whitten Appreciation

From Angelfire

Marguerite Whitten is one of American Cinema's many unsung talents and beauties. She was born Marguerite Nellie Wittenberg in Greensville, Mississippi on February 23, 1913, and according to IMDb, she worked in 14 movies throughout her five-year film career.


Ms. Whitten performed mainly in "B movies" and thankfully, a lot of those movies are available to us. They're listed below:

[Whitten plays 'Eleanor Thomas' and is credited as "Margaret Whitten"]

[Again credited as "Margaret Whitten", Whitten plays 'Sally Thompson']

Bad Boy (1939)
[Whitten plays the uncredited role of 'Terry's Girlfriend' (Terry is played by Spencer Williams, Jr.)]

[Whitten plays 'Samantha, the Maid']

[Whitten plays 'Malvina']

Lady Luck (1942) 
(Originally titled Lucky Ghost)
[Whitten plays an uncredited role in this film]

[Whitten plays the uncredited role of the 'Songstress']

*All links are Youtube links*


I was hoping to find some news articles on Ms. Whitten for this post, but Google's News Archive is down at the moment. As soon as the site is working again, I will updated this post!

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  1. She is great in Let's Go Collegiate!


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