Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Few Announcments

This was actually supposed to be another video post, but between YouTube, Final Cut Pro, and the internet connection in my school's library, something's being really "douchey".

Okay, first off, I have finally finished watching The Birth of a Nation and the video review is up! Click here to check it out!

 Also, as opposed to announcing the last four "movies of the week" of 2013 (wow!) on the Monday of each upcoming week, I'm announcing them now and at once and providing links. Here they are:

This Week

Imitation of Life (1934)

Louise Beavers & Fredi Washington in Imitation of Life (From UCLA)

 *I will be watching this movie on a personal DVD*

Week of December 16th

 "Christmas Week"

From Movie Poster Shop

"New Year's Week"

From the Vietnam Center and Archive

*All links are YouTube links*


Also, the December edition of That's Old News will be up on December 30th, the last Monday of this month and year! Are there any entertainers of color that you'd like to see featured? 

Leave a name in the comments below!


I will be scheduling some posts to be posted throughout this week, so be on the lookout! Please subscribe to the mailing list (in the sidebar on the right) or "Like" People of Color in Classic Film on Facebook!


Now, for a big announcement! Or "bigger", depending on how much you'll care...

I hate admitting to this and sounding like a seven year old, but I asked my mom and my grandparents for two things this Christmas: an HD Camera and Video Editing Software. As you may know, I am studying Film and aspire to be a filmmaker and hope that I may use these things to help lay the foundation for a Film career. I'd also like to use this equipment/software for People of Color in Classic Film.

Last week, when I posted the "November/December" update video, my best friend raved about it and suggested that I do more. Now, I am a terrible speaker and have purposely avoided getting in front of a camera, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try--and since she liked it so much, I'm gonna keep on steppin'.

Starting in January--if I am able to acquire some video editing software--all of the movie reviews for POC in Classic Film will be video reviews. Over my holiday break I will be doing speech/public speaking exercises and all kinds of stuff like that. I want to be perfect for you guys!

As always, thank you guys for your support and your following! I look forward to stepping into the new year with new goals and ideas--and with your support!



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