Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Segment Coming Very Soon!

Hello again my fellow followers and subscribers!

I have yet another announcement to make--that is announcement of a new segment coming to People of Color in Classic Film soon--how soon? Like, next Monday soon.

You ever find yourself telling a friend about a news story you recently heard, then having that friendly rudely interrupt you with "Oh, that's old news!" Well, I'm taking the phrase a bit literally for this blog. The new segment is called "That's Old News!"

"That's Old News!" will be a collection of news stories on entertainers/filmmakers from the past. Links to actual scans of the article (in Google News archives) will be shared as well. All posts will be up on the last Monday of every month and the month in which the articles were released will in line with the current ending month (basically, the currently scheduled news articles for this month are all articles that were released in past Septembers). 

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