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The Best of People of Color in Classic Film (One Year Later)

Here is a list of the Top 10 most viewed posts (in order of least popular to most) since Monday, August 27, 2012:


Theresa Harris: The Beautiful Maid

Last November, I made a post saluting the unsung Hollywood actress, Ms. Theresa Harris. This post has been viewed 141 times.


The Stereotypes of Latino Men
(Was originally posted as "Hispanic Men")

People of Color in Classic Film used to have "Monthly Themes". Our second theme recognized the stereotypes of Latino Men in Hollywood film. Here is the post introducing that theme--viewed 166 times.


Theme One: The Good Earth (Review)

Our first monthly theme examined the use of white actors in the roles of Asian (particularly East Asian) characters. In September of 2012, I watched and reviewed MGM's The Good Earth. This review has garnered 171 views.


If Ethel Were Chick...

This past June, I touched on (sort of "feathered against") the colorist standards held against black women (particularly dark skinned black women) in Hollywood and society by posing the above question. Ironically, although this post has been viewed 220 times, there has been little interaction in the comments. 


Biopics That We Need (Women)

Back in March (on the last day of Women's History Month) I made a slideshow featuring a list of women (actresses and singers) that I believed deserved biopics--and I even matched them up with actresses I thought should play them. This post has garnered 230 views. 

(By the way, I'm currently working on one for the men.)  


Theme One Summary (Labor Day Post)

In September of 2012, I introduced the first of the "Monthly Themes" and it was titled "Asian Characters...No Asian Actors, Please!" This particular post merely summarized what the theme would be about, but it has been viewed 251 times.


Ladies of Color on Youtube (Part I)

In this post, I made a list of movies available on Youtube that starred women like Anna May Wong, Josephine Baker, Dorothy Van Engle, and more. The list has been viewed 283 times.


National Hispanic Heritage Month

I merely recognized this special month in a short, summarizing post, but nonetheless, this post has garnered 343 views since September 15, 2012.



Happy 90th Birthday, Dorothy Dandridge

November 9, 2012 would have been Dorothy Dandridge's 90th birthday and I was elated to know that she had not been forgotten and she certainly is loved everywhere. As of today, this post has been viewed 526 times. 


Finally, what was the most viewed post on People of Color in Classic Film on Blogspot???


Theme One: Mr. Yunioshi 
(Breakfast at Tiffany's Review)

This post has been viewed 776 times. As apart of the "Asian Characters...No Asian Actors Please!" theme, I reviewed and examined one of the most controversial portrayals in Hollywood history.


Honorable Mentions

Before this blog became "People of Color in Classic Film", it was (blandly) called "Aige: Film and Television". There are a few posts under that name that deserve some recognition:

Margarita Carmen Cansino (Rita Hayworth)

In this post, I expressed my budding love for Hollywood star, Rita Hayworth and I questioned what her legacy would be like had she not had certain alterations done. This post has been viewed 416 times.

The Screen's Unsung: Vivian Dandridge (Part One)

Every week, during the Aige: Film & TV days, I recognized an unsung person of the screen. Vivian Dandridge was one of those people. This post has garnered 575 views.

Let's Talk: Judy Garland

Some time after what would have been Judy Garland's 90th birthday, I made a very sentimental post about her life and legacy. It's been viewed 688 times.


Below are the two most viewed posts of this entire blog--I mean "Aige: Film and Television" and People of Color in Classic Film......

Let's Talk: Dorothy Dandridge & Marilyn Monroe
Part One and Part Two

In this two part post, I examined the careers and legacies of two often compared screen legends to help myself and others better understand why one has been praised and admired more than the other (the answer was quite simple, yet intricate). 

Part One has been viewed 1,205 times and Part Two has been viewed an amazing 2,119 views. 


I feel very good about this amazing list and am ready to continue marching onto the road ahead. Thank you all for your love and support. Thank you so, so much.



Speaking of marching, how will you be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington today? Anybody off to or in D.C.?

All of the images used in this post were obtained from Wikipedia and are all believed to be in the Public Domain. If the rightful owner of any of these photos wishes to have them removed, please contact me and I will do so immediately. 

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