Sunday, March 31, 2013

Biopics That We Need! (Women)

I am a big fan of biographies and autobiographies. I'm also a sucker for good biopics! I love being able to compare every aspect of a biographical film to the real person. Did the actor look like the person? Did the film incorporate real footage/real audio? Was the movie true to who the person was? Stuff like that.

Below is a slideshow of women who (in my opinion) deserve to have their life stories brought to the screen (and in one case, the stage). I've also included the actresses that I think should play them:

*For some reason the last photo isn't coming up. 

Click Here to watch it on the slideshow's host site.

*My choice actress for the role of Eartha Kitt has been changed from Zoe Saldana to Tatyana Ali. Hands down.*

*But scroll down on this post for additional women that I believe should have biopics as well!*

Other Entertainers Who Deserve Biopics:

Evelyn Preer (Actress, Singer)
Theresa Harris (Actress, Singer)
Francine Everett (Actress, Singer)
Mable Lee (Dancer, Singer, Actress)


Whose life story would YOU pay to see on the screen/stage?


  1. I'd love to see a Lupe Velez biopic

  2. aigespeaking3/31/13, 6:08 PM

    Me too!!! I almost added her, but didn't want to be hunted down by the "she's not of color" police. But definitely a biopic I wanna see!

  3. aigespeaking4/3/13, 6:08 PM

    Me too! I think Alicia has been playing up her look to look more like Ms. Lena too

  4. Definitely Nina Mae McKinney, La Lupe Yoli, Bessie Coleman...


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