Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Cindy Lou Belongs to Joe"

When we think Carmen Jones (1954), we often think of the hot-and-heavy, but doomed relationship of Carmen and Joe (played by Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte), but today--I'd like to pay homage to the original lovebirds: Cindy Lou and Joe.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these two really did love each other. 

I often wonder what became of Cindy Lou (played by Olga James) after Joe. Did she marry? Who did she marry? Any children? Grandchildren?

Do you think Joe regretted leaving Cindy Lou? Killing Carmen? One more than the other?


  1. I think about this every time I watch the movie! It was so sad to watch because Cindy Lou seemed like the ideal bride & they were the sweetest couple. I almost wish there was a part 2, lol. If there was a 2nd part, I think it definitely would have showed Joe having regrets about leaving Cindy. In my imagination, she does find someone else and lives a happy life, once she gets over her heartbreak. Probably never completely forgets Joe, but uses her relationship with him as a learning experience.
    Sorry for the long response - I love this movie, lol! Enjoyed your post!

    P.S. - I really wish there was more info out the actress who played Cindy Lou, Olga James.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I totally agree, there should be a part 2! If not of the original opera, and least Carmen Jones. "CINDY LOU" would be the only title it needs lol.

      I also wish there was more info on Olga James. The only other thing I've seen her in is an episode of one of Bill Cosby's earlier shows (I think it was just called "The Bill Cosby Show") and she played Bill's...sister or sister-in-law--and that was in the late 60s/early 70s. Donald Bogle also interviewed her for his Dorothy Dandridge biography that came out in 1995. Other than that, I guess you could say I haven't read anything about how she's been since about '95 or so.


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