Monday, January 7, 2013

Oscar Micheaux--Pioneering Filmmaker

January 2nd marked the 129th anniversary of Oscar Micheaux's birth in Metropolis, Illinois. 

Micheaux was the most successful black-American filmmaker of the early half of the twentieth century. While other black filmmakers of the time were unable to produce as many films as they would have liked to, Oscar Micheaux produced 38 and/or directed 42--his second film went on to become his most popular to date. 

This week, in honor of Mr. Micheaux, I will be watching some of his movies and posting reviews.

I will also be posting reviews on the IMDb website, because I believe some of the reviewers of Micheaux movies weren't as informed and as they could have/should have been and therefore came off very biased and unfairly critical. 

In the meantime, Click Here to watch a short, informative video about Mr. Micheaux. 

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