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December Movies (Part II)

Click Here to read Part I and Click Here to learn more about these "December Movies". 


Watch the rise of an ambitious leader with:

The Emperor Jones (1933)

"Unscrupulously ambitious Brutus Jones escapes from jail after killing a guard and through bluff and bravado finds himself the emperor of a Caribbean island."

The Emperor Jones stars Paul Robeson, Dudley Digges, Frank H. Wilson, and Fredi Washington.

CLICK HERE to watch it on Youtube.


In the mood for a Harlem Whodunit? 

Miracle in Harlem (1948)

"Julie Weston and her aunt, Hattie, own and operate a candy-store in Harlem. A wealthy business man, Albert Marshall, and his wayward son, Jim Marshall, swindle the women out of the store. Later, Albert Marshall is found murdered, and there are several suspects, including Marshall's secretary and a blackmailer."

Miracle in Harlem stars Sheila Guyse, Stepin Fetchit, and Hilda Offley.

CLICK HERE to watch it on Youtube. 


In the mood for a musical drama?

Broken Strings (1940)

"After noted violinist Arthur Williams suffers a hand injury which ends his playing career, his hopes are transferred to his son, who prefers swing music to classical."

Broken Strings stars Clarence Muse, Sybil Lewis, William Washington, and "Stymie" Beard.

CLICK HERE to watch it on Youtube.


In the mood for a film on religion?

Kan Kan Me Bhagwan (1963)

This is a film about a people's love of, belief in, and faith in God and others' disbelief.

Kan Kan Me Bhagwan stars Anita Guha and Ram Singh.

CLICK HERE to watch it on Youtube.
*No English subtitles*


In the mood for a heartwarming, dramatic romance?

Penny Serenade (1941)

"As Julie prepares to leave her husband Roger, she begins to play through a stack of recordings, each of which reminds her of events in their lives together. One of them is the song that was playing when she and Roger first met in a music store. Other songs remind her of their courtship, their marriage, their desire for a child, and the joys and sorrows that they have shared. A flood of memories comes back to her as she ponders their present problems and how they arose."

Penny Serenade stars Irene Dunne and Cary Grant.

CLICK HERE to watch it on Youtube.


Summaries obtained from each movie's IMDb page.
*With the exception of Kan Kan Me Bhagwan, whose summary came from its Youtube video description*


I hope one of these movies has sparked your interest!

Five more movies will be up next Friday (December 14th).

Have a great week everyone!

--Adrienne <3

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