Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall is here! (In the Northern Hemisphere)

Are you ready for Fall? You should be, because it is here!

I think every season holds special memories for all of us. For me, Fall not only makes me think family and food on "Thanksgiving", but it also makes me think about my childhood--trick-or-treating in the mall (I only went outdoors like once), elementary school, the weather cooling, leaves falling, jumping in the leaves that my Grandpa had just neatly raked into a pile. I just have so many memories with this season it's hard to try to count.

I just hope everyone enjoys this new season and has become comfortable in whatever new things they're endeavoring--new school year, first year of college, new job, etc. Everyone who has become too comfortable in an environment they hate--I hope you find your comfort and take advantage of a changing season to make things right!

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