Monday, August 27, 2012

Movie Reviews/Discussions

Hello again!

I'm so excited y'all! So, so excited!!!

If you've read around the blog, I'm sure you know exactly what to expect here at "POC in Classic Film", but I think I can go into further detail about the movies.

The movies that I will be watching to review and discuss will mainly be movies that I find on Youtube or anywhere else online and at my university's library. 

Because I live in the United States, I know it'll not only be a bit harder for me to discover actors/actresses who became famous outside of the United States, but it will also be even harder for me to find some of the movies!

If you have any suggestions or links to some really good movies made outside of the United States, leave a comment! They don't have to have English subtitles either. Also, feel free to suggest that I look up some great actors/actresses as well!

Of course you could recommend movies made in the United States as well. 

Also, if you have any thoughts and suggestions on how I could improve this blog, you can leave a comment for that as well!

Thank you so much for reading!

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