Monday, August 27, 2012

Ironic situation...

As today is the first day of blogging for People of Color in Classic Film, today was also my first day of classes at school.

Today, I attended my American Film History class and immediately noticed the lack of film starring POC(People of Color) in the syllabus, future movie screenings, and AFI's list of 100 Greatest Movies that was passed out to us. Thankfully we're going to have an opportunity to talk about or write about movies of our choice (I don't know the exact details yet), but you can bet that the movies I choose will all be movies with people of color--it is very much needed.

Have you had any recent experiences where you immediately noticed the lack/absence of people of color? Something in your everyday life or that you just observed?


  1. Well here lies the issue, when characters are people of color, how often are they just that? Characters. Not like actual people, but almost caricatures which lampoon more than express the thoughts, feelings and personality of a possible person.

    For me, I'd rather us be missing than be a token. For usually these tokens aren't essential characters, they aren't often assets. Yeah, you may get a few shows where I'm wrong, but how often do you see a person of color just so they at least got one on there?


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