Thursday, July 26, 2012

Unsung of the Screen: Fredi Washington (Post Four)

After leaving Hollywood, Fredi would become heavily involved in the fight for Civil Rights and against racism in America and in Hollywood as well. 

In 1937, she, Noble Sissle, W.C. Handy, Dick Campbell, and Alan Corelli, became founding members of the Negro Actors Guild of America. She served as the executive secretary, working to help Black actors/actresses get better opportunities in Hollywood. She was also active in the NAACP.

She served as the Entertainment editor for Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.'s newspaper, People's Voice, a newspaper for Black Americans. The newspaper lasted from 1942-1948. Powell was also married to Fredi's sister, Isabel for some years. 

Ms. Washington was also a film casting consultant for 1954's Carmen Jones and also a casting consultant for the Porgy and Bess opera revival in 1952 and the film in 1959. 

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