Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saving OWN

As a lot of people may know, Oprah Winfrey's network: OWN isn't doing quite as well as expected, but you know what?

I think OWN is going to be just fine! Most networks get a slow start. But c'mon, she's Oprah Winfrey! She will do just fine!

The network does have some great quality shows--documentaries, reality shows, etc. 

I do have a few suggestions however (of course).

I don't know if OWN has any original sitcoms, but I think they may be a good addition. 

I think OWN should also start doing a lot of television movies! Yes, yes, yes!!! Give us more The Women of Brewster Place, Beloved, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Precious Motha Oprah!

OWN also may just need that ONE big show to send the network skyrocketing, like what Married...With Children did with Fox. Even though I am not for the upcoming Houston Family reality show, I do believe OWN really missed out on not picking that show up (unless like a lot of people, Oprah sees through Pat Houston's antics and chose not to support such foolery).

Final suggestion:

PROMOTION. Promotion, promotion, promotion! I think promotion is a huge factor for the success of this show. As stated before, I think the network has some great shows but I barely see promotion for any of them!

I know Oprah doesn't do a lot of interviews, but I think she should start making more and more television appearances talking about the shows! If she's already doing that, I surely haven't seen it. Everyone involved with OWN --especially the stars of the shows--should start scrambling and pushing more to make appearances. Will it make you seem desperate? Maybe. But if you really care about your show's success, you really shouldn't know any limits.

Other than that, I think OWN will do just fine in the long run. As the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day".


  1. Oprah needs to simply stop relying on her name and to get more people on there. Hell, she made Dr. Phil and the rest of them. I think Iyanla is getting her own show, she just needs to keep "discovering" people and like you said, bring something original that is scripted. No one wants a bunch of reality TV shows, positive or not. All they are, are cheap slot fillers.

    1. *ding, ding, ding!* ^^^All of this.


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