Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Starting next week there will be some changes to both of my blogs. I want to make it more organized and I also want to add some new features and pages--and give it a new look! With this organization, I want to also be able to keep myself from turning these blogs into “gossip blogs”. I will still continue to give my commentary and opinion on music, movie, and television news—just not in a typical gossipy, journalist type of way.

Starting June 4th:

Adrienne and Music

*May have a new name

*Up and Coming Artist Spotlight: Every Tuesday and Thursday

*Music for the Day: Everyday I’m going to pick three different songs from three different eras that represent one theme or one mood

Adrienne Loves Film

*Classic Film of the Week: Every Sunday I’m going to introduce what the film of the week will be and throughout the week I will post clips, trivia, facts, etc. about the movie.

*Clip of the Day: Every day I will post classic clips from a television show

*Movie Reviews: I usually don’t go out to the movies unless there is a movie that I really, really want to see. Now, I want to start going to the movies more often so that I may give reviews.

As stated before, I will continue giving my commentary and opinion on music, movie, and television related news.

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