Friday, May 18, 2012

Bobbi Kristina on the Billboard Awards

The 2012 Billboard Awards will air live this coming Sunday (May 20).

I love music awards because along with my love for film and television I am a huge music lover.

You all also know that I am a HUGE Whitney Houston fan too, so I want to use this post to talk about Bobbi Kristina giving a tribute to her mother.

We really don't know what Bobbi Kristina is going to do, but let's pretend we're certain that she will be singing.

Last year, Bobbi Kristina put up a video on Youtube of her singing Adele's Someone Like You. People have given her a lot of flack saying "she can't sing" and that it sounds horrible, but I disagree.

 She has a nice voice and any TRUE Whitney fan can hear her mother's musical influence in her voice. She isn't a Whitney Houston, but let's face it--there will never be another Whitney Houston. Period, point blank--end of story.

I think too many people listened to her sing and expected her mother's voice to come out which is unfair even if Whitney wasn't "The Voice". The only little problem with Bobbi Kris is not exactly her singing, but how she sings, or sung that one particular song...

In the video of her singing Someone Like You, I don't know if she was changing up the song to make it her own, or if she really didn't know the song well enough--but recorded it anyway. Whatever the case may be, I think that may be what sort of threw people off and made people make such negative remarks. I believe at one point she did notice she made a mistake and smiled it off.

Adele's Someone Like You

But anyway, back to the Billboard Awards.......

I must say I am looking forward to the Whitney tribute, but at the same time I'm not, because my heart and my mind really needs a break from it all (I'm still going to watch it anyway). If Bobbi Kristina does sing, I say God be with her and I hope she does well. I hope the audience (and the internet) is respectful and understanding no matter what the outcome. 

People really should lay off of Bobbi Kristina--especially the NIPPY FANS. Shame on all of the Nippy Fans that criticize Bobbi Kristina!!! I've seen quite a few of you! for Pat Houston being apart of this tribute doing whatever she plans to do...

We already know how I feel about that...

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