Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Farewell from Adrienne, Moderator of POC in Classic Film

Hello Friends and Family,

It pains me to even type this out, but as you can see, I have made the decision to bring posting on People of Color in Classic Film to an end. I am forever grateful for your following, your love, your commentary, and everything else you’ve done to support this blog. I’ve learned so much about entertainment history from running this blog; I’ve watched some great movies, and I’ve virtually met and befriended some great people.

For the last four months, I’ve been interning at the Virginia Film Office—this internship has allowed me to stay quite busy—a fun kind of busy! I’ve met some great people in Virginia’s film industry, had the opportunity to visit movie and television sets, and probably most importantly, I’ve been able to acquire some paid and volunteer opportunities on a few movies being filmed in the state. I’ve quickly learned that whether I’m wearing my intern hat, a Production Assistant hat, or even a one-day volunteer hat, the world of film is a spontaneous one—it’s get up and go, no questions asked. This kind of working life has prevented me from doing the things I was able to do consistently when I was in college or when I was out of work. I wished and prayed for work, for opportunities to be productive, and I finally got them, so now, I have to sacrifice a few things, and sadly, People of Color in Classic Film is one of those things.

But this isn’t a total goodbye—I have another blog called “The Life of an Aige Old Soul”—this blog is currently on Blogger, as well, but I will be moving it somewhere else (please check out my website for updates). On the “new” blog, I will still be expressing my love for entertainment history (including POC in Classic Film history) through posts—the only thing is, I just won’t have scheduled segments. I will be consistent without constraining myself.

I will not delete this blog, but I will however be deleting its social media pages.

Again, thank you all for your love and your support. See you on The Life of an Aige Old Soul!


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