Friday, May 29, 2015

Paul Winfield: Eloquent Sketcher - a post by HepClassic

Last week, guest blogger, HepClassic shared a touching post in honor of the late, great, and criminally unsung actor, Paul Winfield (who would have turned 76 on May 22nd). Here is an excerpt:

"Paul Winfield gave life to dramatic arguments for equality throughout his entire career, and whose performances put a human face to the many stories we deny and continue to deny today. His, like so many others, is an American story. He is a classic movie star in the truest sense, but since we deny these stories as equally important as the stories of James Stewart and Anthony Perkins, as we deny the stories of experience and the validity of them in our real life, one has to wonder when we can address these irrattional fears, include an “other” person’s narrative as important as someone who is not. The disregard, the suppression of facts, and the constant dismissal and degradation of Americans of color have to stop if we dare move this country forward, because “restoring” America to its previous self of social inequality will not do us any good. Behind every misconstrued stereotype and falsehood, lies a human face. Maybe it’s time we accept Paul Winfield for the star that he is, and for the American he was."


Click here to read HepClassic's post in its entirety.  

Happy Belated Birthday to the legendary Paul Winfield! 

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