Friday, March 13, 2015

Cantinflas: Appreciation Post (March 2015's Star of the Month)

There's such a wide selection of Mr. Mario "Cantinflas" Moreno's work online! I hope you get a chance to check some of it out!

From the LA Times

(All YouTube)

Before I get into the movies and television appearances, below is an awesome find!

Television Appearances

(28th Academy Awards)

(Original Air Date: Sept. 18, 1960)

(Cantinflas died of lung cancer on April 20, 1993)

From Variety

(All Spanish language)

*My apologies for any incorrect translations. Please correct me in the comments, if needed!*

* - also written/co-written by Cantinflas.

No te engañes corazón (1937)
(Don't Fool Yourself Dear; in parts: 1 2 3 4)

¡Así es mi tierra! (1937)
(Such is My Country!)
(Neither Blood Nor Sand)

(The Unknown Policeman ?)

(Carnival in the Tropics)

(The Three Musketeers)

(The Circus)

Gran Hotel (1944)

Un día con el diablo (1945)
(One Day with the Devil)

Soy un prófugo (1946)
(I Am a Fugitive ?)

(The Super Scientist)

(The Magician)

(The Porter)

Si yo fuera diputado (1952) *
(If I Were Deputy)

El bombero atómico (1952) *
(The Atomic Firefighter ?)

Caballero a la medida (1954)
(The Tailored Gentleman ?)

Abajo el telón (1955)
(Drop the Curtain)

(The Bolero of Raquel)

Housewife to Your Neighbor (1958)
(Ama a tu prójimo)

Sube y baja (1959)
(Ups and Downs)

El Extra (1962)
(The Extra)

Entrega Immediata (or Agente XU 777) (1963)
(Immediate Delivery)

El señor doctor (1965)
(The Head Doctor ?)

Por mis pistolas (1968) *
(For/By My Guns ?)

El profe (1971) *
(The Professor)

El patrullero 777 (1978)
(Patrolman 777)


Cantinflas and the Chaos of Mexican Modernity (2001)

This book just isn't a simple biography--the story of Cantinflas' life and career is paralleled with Mexico's cultural and social history during the 20th century.


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