Saturday, November 29, 2014

That's Old News! (#10)

There's no video this time around, but this month's collection of articles are inspired by our featured star for the month of November, Mr. Lawrence Chenault. All of the articles below are on performers who appeared in race movies.

(Links to articles are attached to their respective titles)


The Afro American - Sept. 8, 1928

This previously shared article on Lawrence Chenault reports the details on the actor's sudden collapse after a stage performance. Mr. Chenault, who'd recently lost a good friend, ventriloquist Johnnie Woods, was ordered to rest for a year.


Arnold's 'Dope' From the T.O.B.A. Circuit
(by B.W.F. Arnold, Director of Publicity - T.O.B.A.)
The Afro American - Apr. 25, 1925

Evelyn Preer and Edward Thompson in The Melancholy Dame (1929) [posted by ~Kicha~ on ipernity]

Lafayette Players and real-life couple, Edward Thompson and Evelyn Preer, received praise for their work on the theatre circuit in this 1925 Afro American article!


The Afro American - Apr. 12, 1947

Dancer/actress Tondaleyo had been out of the spotlight for months before this article in The Afro American was published.


The Afro American - Apr. 6, 1929

Lucia Lynn Moses in The Scar of Shame (1927)

Lucia Lynn Moses received rave reviews in Europe for her performance in The Scar of Shame. It appears that the Prince of Wales was quite taken with her beauty, as well.


Riding the Airwaves 
with Edgar A. Thompson (BCL)
Subheading: "Stepin Fetchit"
The Milwaukee Journal - Mar. 31, 1938 

Stepin Fetchit in 1959 (from Wikimedia Commons)

Still a "star" of Hollywood at the time that this article was published, The Milwaukee Journal reported that the controversial actor would be appearing at a neighborhood playhouse with a band and an all-black revue. 


I hope you found this month's edition of That's Old News! to be quite informative! See you next month! :)


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