Monday, August 11, 2014

Star of the Month: A New Segment

So, I've graduated. I may or may not have found a job. Whatever the case may be, what's next for People of Color in Classic Film?

Nothing much, just that I will add a new segment. As you can tell by the post, it's titled "Star of the Month". I decided to start this segment for many reasons: 

  • Though I enjoy reviewing movies, I felt a bit constrained (constraints I'm responsible for) with the Movie of the Week segment, especially during school. I have a tendency to put unnecessary pressure on myself (I'll take on too many tasks and then will procrastinate on all of them) and I did just that with the Movie of the Week reviews.

  • I believe that this new segment would give me the time and freedom to create posts on different people and topics. 

  • Star of the Month will bring me "back to the basics". I created People of Color in Classic Film to acknowledge the unsung heroes of classic American Cinema. Once I axed the 'Monthly Themes' segment, I think I got away from that. It stopped being a place where I acknowledged individuals and quickly became a place where people got lumped into a melting pot with others (particularly in the weekly movie reviews). 

Star of the Month will begin in October! 'That's Old News' (starting back at the end of this month) and random 'Appreciation Posts' will remain in place! :)

Oh, and one more thing:

The year range on POC in Classic Film (currently Silent Era - 1965) will expand to 1979 starting in January 2015.

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