Monday, March 24, 2014

Nina Mae McKinney: Ebay Alert!

I was delighted and excited to open a message from someone with some extremely important Nina Mae McKinney news.

Ms. McKinney in character as "Chick" (Hallelujah!)

The sender of this message informed me that he is selling precious items once held in the hands of the late actress and a friend of hers on Ebay. Here is the description:

"Have a vintage cigarette case made of leather, brass, and 10k gold with the name 'Don' on it. It was given to him by Nina Mae McKinney. Also have some letters of Nina Mae McKinney along with the box the cigarette case came in from Syracuse, NY. I have been communicating with an individual that collects and is into Nina Mae McKinney's history. They believe this is her signature on the letters and the place the letters are from seem correct, but there is little known about her in the 50's. Either way I'm selling a really nice vintage cigarette case and could be a very important part of history! Will send one of the letters with case. Any questions feel free to ask. 

No Reserve!"


May the highest bidder win! :)

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