Monday, October 28, 2013

That's Old News! (2)

Thanks for checking out the second installment of That's Old News! I hope you find these article scans to be interesting!!!


"Leigh Whipper"

(The Baltimore Afro-American--October 5, 1929)

From Black Past

This is a very short section announcing Leigh Whipper's collaboration with Adolph Aiken to dramatize his (Aiken's) play. The storyline seems interesting, but the title is a bit of an eyebrow raiser. 

[Read more about it here.]


"The Little Busybody Who Got a Break"

(The Baltimore Afro-American--October 19, 1929)

Ms. Hyson with Edward Thompson in Melancholy Dame (My screenshot)

Roberta Hyson, the vivacious entertainer who stole the show in the Christie Film Company production, Melancholy Dame sat down for a candid interview with the great writer, actress, and publicist--Ms. Ruby Berkley Goodwin. 

[Click here to check it out!]


"China's Keye Luke Succeeds in Films"

(The Newberry Observer--October 16, 1936)

The Newberry Observer acknowledges the strides of Chinese-born actor, Keye Luke, as he is set to play Charlie Chan's son for the fourth time! 

[Click here to read more.]


"Wonderful Smith on Red Skelton Show"

(The Afro-American--October 18, 1941)

The comedian gained notoriety for his imaginary telephone conversation with President Franklin Roosevelt has landed a spot on Red Skelton's radio show!

[Read more about Mr. Smith's latest feat here.] 


"Hazel Scott Signs for Gershwin Film"

(The Pittsburgh Press--October 7, 1943)

Hazel Scott in the trailer for Rhapsody in Blue (1945)

The young pianist, Ms. Hazel Scott, has nabbed a role in the upcoming Warner Bros. production, Rhapsody in Blue--a biographical musical-drama based on the life of the late composer, George Gershwin. 

[Click here to read more.]


"Biografia de Maria Felix"

(La Nacion--October 26, 1960)

Any Spanish-speaking readers out there? Check out this small article on the life and career (as of October 1960) of iconic actress, Señora María Félix. 

[Read it here]


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