Saturday, August 31, 2013

Movie of the Week: El Bombero Atómico (Review)

El Bombero Atómico (1950)

A non-Spanish speaker like myself has no right to "review" this film, actually. I chose this as the Movie of the Week because I wanted to do something different, as sort of a way to challenge myself and I can tell you this--one thing certainly did pop into my mind after watching it and it stayed there..."I should really learn Spanish..." That's probably something I'll take time to do next summer.

Now, I won't say that I was completely "lost" while watching this film--I really wasn't lost at all. I understood the narrative (probably would have taken me a bit longer if not for the IMDb summary), I knew what was happening scene-to-scene. Not knowing the language is what took a little (only a little) of the enjoyment away from me--and that was expected, of course. I felt as though I may have missed of lot of funny (and foreshadowing) dialogue--I'm sure I did. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed watching this movie. I laughed a lot

Cantinflas in 1964.[x]

Cantinflas' humor translated extremely well across the screen. The slightest facial expressions and gestures had me cracking up. Even the most absurd things (like riding his bike with no hands in traffic while reading a newspaper) made me laugh. It was amazing to watch this legend in action and I look forward to watching more of his work.

If you're a non-Spanish speaker, I won't dissuade you from watching this movie. Do it! Watch a comedic legend at work!

to watch El Bombero Atómico.

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