Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aw, Shucky Ducky: August 20th on TCM!

I'd just made a post on Tumblr talking about how the Oscar-winning Hattie McDaniel isn't talked about in many Old Hollywood discussions. 

This morning, I logged on to Twitter to see a tweet about Gone with the Wind. I immediately went on TCM to see what time the epic would be coming on only to find that today isn't going to be a Gone with the Wind night, but a Hattie McDaniel day!

(From Wikipedia) Hattie McDaniel in 1941.

As a part of their "Summer Under the Stars" segment, Turner Classic Movies salutes the Oscar-winning legend, Ms. Hattie McDaniel. The marathon has already begun on the East Coast (at 6AM), but you can catch Jane Gets Married right now.

Unfortunately, my school doesn't have Turner Classic Movies in the channel lineup, but I will try to make up for it by popping in my Gone with the Wind DVD tonight. 

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