Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5th on TCM

It's all about Charlton Heston on Turner Classic Movies today! The legendary actor's films are being shown as apart of the channel's "Summer Under the Stars" segment. A lot of the films being shown today feature classic entertainers of color, as well......

Diamond Head (1963)

"A rich Hawaiian pineapple grower tries to control everything and everyone around him, including his headstrong sister".

This film features France Nuyen as 'Mai Chen', Philip Ahn as 'Mr. Immacona', Harold Fong as 'Coyama, Howland Cook', and a host of other performers of color. Also, be sure to keep an eye open for Hawaii Five-O's Kam Fong!

Diamond Head airs shortly at 10:45AM (EST).


55 Days at Peking (1963)

"An American major leads the defense against Chinese revolutionaries in 1900 Peking".

"Ironically" enough, only two performers of Asian descent are credited in this film: Jûzô Itami as 'Col. Shiba' and Lynne Sue Moon as 'Teresa'. Many other performers go uncredited in this film, including Lucille Soong, the actress probably best known for her work as 'Jasmine Choong' on the series, Coronation Street, 'Popo' in The Joy Luck Club, 'Ming' in Nora's Beauty Salon, and 'Yao Lin' on the series Desperate Housewives

55 Days at Peking airs at 12:45PM (EST).


Major Dundee (1965)

"Cavalry misfits cross the Mexican border to destroy an Indian 
Native American outpost".

This film features Brock Peters as 'Aesop', José Carlos Ruiz as 'Riago',
Aurora Clavel as 'Melinche', and Enrique Lucero as 'Doctor Aguilar'.

Major Dundee airs at 8:00PM (EST).


Ben-Hur (1959)

"While seeking revenge, a rebellious Israelite prince crosses paths with 
Jesus Christ".

This film features an uncredited appearance by Les Ballets Africains as the 'Dancers at the Roman Banquet' and if my memory serves me correctly, some men of color are featured as--wait for it--galley slaves.

I could be wrong, though--my memory could be serving me incorrectly.

Ben-Hur airs at 10:30PM (EST).


I hope you check out these films today and stay on 
the lookout for mentioned (and unmentioned) 
stars of color!



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