Monday, June 10, 2013

Youtube Find: Melancholy Dame (1929)

Hearts in Dixie and Hallelujah! were Hollywood's first all-black cast (and all-talking also) films. Both were released in 1929 (Hearts in Dixie was released in May, Hallelujah! in August). However, Oscar Micheaux and other independent companies were making "all-Colored" cast films way before Hollywood was. One film company in particular was key in helping to blaze trails for Black-American filmmakers (like Spencer Williams, Jr.) and performers--The Christie Film Company [link to a Blogpost post].

I am delighted to inform you that a Youtube user has posted a "Christie" comedy short and it is believed to be the first all-black "talkie" period

Opening credits of Melancholy Dame (1929)

Click Here to watch Melancholy Dame, a short comedy released on February 2, 1929 by The Christie Film Company. It stars Edward Thompson, Evelyn Preer (real-life husband and wife), Spencer Williams, Roberta Hyson, and Charles Olden. 


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