Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just so You Know...

Hello all!

I know it seems like I'm always making "Announcements", but this post is more of a "Just-So-You-Know". 

I am relieved to discover that a health concern that I've had over the past few months is actually not too much of a deal (still a concern, but not a big deal). However, how this issue plays out in the future depends on how well I take care of myself now. 

With that said, (unless it's absolutely necessary) I won't be looking into or using any electronics for the next week (probably up until Tuesday, I can't see myself not using the computer or a phone for an entire seven days). I will be using this time to get some exercise, fresh air, and proper sleep. As promised though, I will still be doing some more in-depth research for posts and will be taking notes the good old fashion way--pen and paper (eek! lol). 

In the meantime, if you'd like, you could leave some comments here or on Facebook or shoot me an email with post/content suggestions. You can also complete this survey for me, too! 

Thank you for reading, "see" you all in a few days!

--Adrienne <3

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