Monday, November 12, 2012

The Starlet, Nina Mae McKinney

Nina (pronounced "Nine-uh") Mae McKinney is definitely one of my favorite actresses.

I'll be honest--I've only seen four of her works: Hallelujah!, The Devil's Daughter, and two shorts: Pie, Pie, Blackbird and The Black Network, but she's absolutely amazing in all of it! 

I love her energy, her spunk, her beauty, and at the risk of sounding weird--I love listening to her talk. Her natural speaking voice had such a Southern richness to it.

Here are a few clips of Ms. McKinney, Hollywood's first Black Leading Lady:

As "Chick" in Hallelujah!

In the "Pre-Code" film Safe in Hell

and click here to watch a Tribute Video to her!

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