Friday, August 24, 2012

I'd like to introduce you to...

Some of you may recognize the name Amari Sali.

He's a cool guy I've been interacting with through some blogging/micro-blogging circles with for about a good five-six months now. Well, every once in awhile he makes his way into the comments section of this blog--I guess I could consider him one of the best participants on here!

Well anywho, I'd like you all to know that Mr. Sali and I have decided to sort "partner up" a bit. Help each other out with our blogs.

With that said, starting next week (August 31st) you will begin seeing a new segment to this blog titled "Mr. Sali's Reviews."

As stated on his blog, Amari writes about many different things he's seen, heard, experienced, etc. He also does reviews of movies, television shows, books, and web shows. 

Every week (on Fridays) I will be posting & sharing a must-read review from Amari for you all to read and share. 

Check out and follow his blog as soon as you can!

and be on the lookout for those reviews coming soon!

I can't wait to get things started! 

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