Monday, July 9, 2012

Unsung of the Screen: Anita Loos (Post One)

Corrine Anita Loos was born on April 26, 1888 in Sisson, California to Richard and Minnie (Smith) Loos. Loos once said that her family pronounced their last name the correct French way, "lohse", but because people always pronounced it as "luce", she felt it was bothersome to continue correcting them and therefore pronounced it "luce" herself. 

When Anita was four years old, her family moved to San Francisco where her father bought the newspaper The Dramatic Event with money that his wife borrowed from her father. In San Francisco, Anita spent a lot of time with her father who had become an alcoholic, spending time in the city with "lowlifes" and "loose women". 

Soon, Richard's drinking began to take a toll on the family's finances and he would urge Anita and her sister Gladys to join a stock company performance of Quo Vadis. Soon, the girls would perform in a lot productions in a theater that their father began to manage. Unfortunately, Gladys would pass away of peritonitis at the age of ten (1901) and Anita had to carry on by herself. 

She would continue working in theater productions to help her family financially until eventually...she got tired of it and found another way to help raise money and it was something that she'd loved ever since she was about six years old: Writing. 


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