Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Saving Basketball Wives: The Show & The Ladies

Basketball Wives has officially wrapped up its fourth season with part two of the reunion this week. After all of the drama, the backlash, petitions, lawsuits, and everything else the show is still returning for a fifth season, but Shaunie has already informed us that three members won't be there for it.

Now, I have some thoughts about Season 5 of Basketball Wives. First, I must ask:

What do we want from the next season? Do will still want the drama? The slaps, the bottle throwing, the arguments--do we still want that? Or do we want the show to take a more positive route--the route that (Shaunie says) it was originally supposed to take?

I think the show should take a positive turn. Of course, it is a reality show. There will be drama. There has to be drama to keep the ratings. Plus, let's be honest, the majority of people who watch reality shows watch specifically in search of some drama.

But the show certainly could use a whole lot less of the hostility, especially what we've seen from this past season. Now, in order to achieve a little more "serenity" while still keeping people interested, here's what I think should happen with the show by way of the season four cast members.


Shaunie O'Neal 

Shaunie has made it clear that she's probably not returning as a cast member next season. I believe that this is a good decision. I don't have much of an explanation as to why I think this is good, just that I honestly think that everything Shaunie does (and doesn't do, i.e. Tell her friends not to start a fight with someone or tell them to give somebody their bag back) on camera, she could do (and not do) behind the scenes. Even though she'd probably still receive criticism for the show, as just an executive producer I think she'd probably start to receive less of it. Good for her.


Evelyn Lozada

We really don't know if Evelyn will be returning next season. She and fiancee Chad Ochocinco have a spin-off in the works. If Evelyn decides not to come back, that's understandable, but if she does I'd have no problem with it. Her and Jen restarting their friendship would be a great (and positive) story line for next season. I just really hope Evelyn learns how to tone down on the anger and hostility because I really do enjoy her on the show when she's not calling people B's and running across tables.


Suzie Ketcham

Honestly. I don't want to sound rude or harsh like a lot of people, but it seriously doesn't matter to me whether or not Suzie is still on the show next season. I'm not calling her "irrelevant" (she does have a history of getting a lot of stuff stirred up on the show which makes her very relevant in my opinion), but Suzie doesn't make me laugh. Suzie doesn't make me cry. Most times, Suzie is saying things that irritates me--like calling other people scared. Girl. Plus, we haven't really seen Suzie's life outside of what she does with her castmates. 


Royce Reed

Royce Reed is my favorite cast member. Despite what people say about her clothes, shoes, hair, and her relationships, I simply love her "aura". She just seems like a sweet and genuine person, and I have a lot of respect for her for being able to voice her opinion. But, with that said as much I love Royce...I don't think she brings much to the show. I think she may be the only cast member who's NEVER been invited to any of the events. Ever. If I'm wrong, please correct me. The only time I see her with more than two cast members at one time is at the reunion. 


Jennifer Williams

I feel like Jennifer is so over this show and can basically do whatever she wants now, but I would like for her to stay on the show and mend her friendship with Evelyn. Plus I'd like to see more of what's going on with Jennifer outside of her relationships with the cast members. I don't mean her personal life (exactly), but her business life and social life. 


 Tami Roman

I don't want Tami to return to the show--not for next season anyway. This is not out of irritation with Tami's recent behavior. I honestly think this show is bad for Tami in so many ways--bad for reputation (which eventually makes it bad for business, depending on what kind of business she's getting into), bad for her daughters (and their Twitter mentions), bad for her Twitter mentions, and bad for her mind. I could go into full detail, but I won't. If Basketball Wives comes back for a Season 6, this is what I think should happen: I think Tami should sit out Season 5, go away somewhere and think, be alone, relax, talk to God, then see if she's strong enough to come back for a Season 6. I really don't want Tami back for  Season 5 and like I said, it's not anything against her, I just think it would be really good for her. Plus, she could focus more on her acting career!


Kenya Bell

I want Kenya and all her weird glory and self-admitted craziness to stay on this show! I don't care what anyone says I want more of her next season! I think she brings so much comedy to the show.


Kesha Nichols

Kesha. I love her. I think she's a sweet person. I don't think she's coming back for next season, but she had no business being on in the first place. She's not tough enough for this show. I don't know what she was thinking when she signed up.


I believe that Ashley Walker, the lady that Jen had beef with in the second (?) season is going to become a regular cast member next season....Interesting.

Well, that's what I think should happen with each of the cast members and hopefully the show goes into a different direction with that while adding new people if needed.

But you know what the show really does need?

Some actual Basketball Wives.

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