Thursday, May 17, 2012

Terrence J and Rocsi Leaving BET (Rumor)

It is rumored that Terrence J and Rocsi are leaving 106 and Park (which I've previously called a "Disney Channel Program BET-style") and BET all together perhaps.

It's interesting news. Let's face it, Terrence J and Rocsi are a part of BET history and about 10, 15, 20 years from now people may start calling them BET legends, but for now...

It really doesn't affect me one way or another. At the risk of sounding like one of those "well, back in my day" kind of people, I stopped caring when AJ and Free left (as most people did). I actually kinda liked Big Tigger and Julissa once the sting of AJ and Free leaving had worn down. I still watched the show sometimes, but only if nothing else was on or if knew that someone I really liked would be on.

Terrence and Rocsi just never did it for me. Terrence is a bit too corny for my tastes and even after what--about six or seven years--I still think Rocsi never really had enough charisma for the show.

A lot of people say the show should be cancelled, but I disagree. I think the show (and the rest of BET for that matter) just needs to be revamped. 106 and Park's improvement shouldn't rely heavily on them alone--we need a revival of GOOD music and GOOD music videos so that the show can get back its 18+ audience. 

Have you ever looked at the 106 and Park audience recently? The entire audience is filled with teenagers. Grown people--people in their 20s and probably 30s used to fill the 106 and Park audience, now every time I watch it there's not one person in that audience who looks over 18 years of age--hence my Disney Channel reference. 

Like I've stated before, I believe it's only a rumor right now, but if it is true, I hope BET has some big plans for the show. I think they really should take a break for the summer (Do they do live shows in the summer? I don't know. Someone inform me if they do) and really search for good hosts, people with some experience in public speaking. People who have some CHARISMA (I cannot stress that enough).

Good Hip Hop is slowly making a comeback and hopefully good R&B will do the same as well. Perhaps this resurgence will aid 106 and Park in getting off life support.

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  1. I stopped watching after damn near every video on the countdown was just rap. Nothing of any good quality either, just another Young Money artist marketed to be loved by white youth, not knowing they are feeding into the worst stereotypes of our people.

  2. Basically! I really think Bob Johnson made a terrible mistake selling to Viacom. After that it all went downhill. We really don't have any good representations of black society, particularly our youth on television anymore. Most of the good channels like TVOne don't have anything to target black youth. But that's another topic for another blog lol

  3. I believe BET confirmed them leaving, but I never watched 106 and Park after Free and Aj, I didn't find any interest in it

    1. Yeah I'm gonna do a quick post tomorrow about it being confirmed. Well we already know the MAIN reason why I stopped caring (no more cable! lol) but even when I did see it, it was just like...meh.


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