Monday, May 21, 2012

Billboard Awards 2012: Performances, Tributes

I'm going to be straight up and say that the only thing I was really looking forward to was the Whitney tribute. I endured--what 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours of foolishness just to watch it.

Now, I'm not like most people who will sit and watch an entire awards show just to say it was "boring". I won't say I was bored, I'll just say I really wasn't entertained, if that makes sense. Once the Whitney tribute ended, I really didn't care too much about everything else(I think I missed a lot of awards being given out as well!). I'll just talk about what I know...

Opening: LMFAO

I thought letting LMFAO open was a very good move. They literally have had the "party anthem" of this year and last year, so it was great to let them open the show with a bang. However...

I am quite tired of seeing LMFAO's underwear.

Top Social Artist Award

What this has to do with music, I don't know, but Justin Bieber won--and I believe he did deserve it. Justin Bieber has a HUGE fanbase and he interacts with that fanbase. He has over 22 million followers and he's obviously a very busy guy, so it's quite amazing and admirable for him to take time to show love to his fans as often as possible.

The Hosts

The hosts--Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen made me give them a few side eyes in the beginning, but throughout the rest of the show they were quite hilarious. I loved the Moesha reference!

Moments That Made Me Go:

1. Wiz Khalifa released his first album in 2006. He became "known" in the  "mainstream" around 2010, when "Black and Yellow" was released. Exactly how is he considered a "New Artist"?

2. I love Chris Brown, but the fact that he put like 5% effort into pretending to sing live bothers me. A lot of artists today lip sync on live shows and artists have done it in the past (for all those are quick to say "Back in my day, artists didn't need to lip-sync, they had talent and could sing"...don't make me reach into the 80s bin and pull out some names. I won't go there)

3. I try not to knock people's choice of fashion (most of the time), but can someone explain to me exactly why Chris was dressed like he was auditioning for a Broadway version of Gone With The Wind?

4. Taylor Swift. First of all, congrats on the award--but Taylor, I am sick you pretending like you're shocked and overwhelmed every time you get an award. 

5. Question: In whose world is "Party Rock Anthem" considered a "Rap" song?

6. Usher and his magic tricks...........okay.


Donna Summer

Natasha Bedingfield sang Last Dance for the late Disco Queen Donna Summer...but just as she was about to get it poppin'--the show cut to a commercial!!!

Is this what we do ABC? Is this how we operate nowadays? The show was three hours long (longer than it needed to be)--don't tell me you didn't have to time to let the television viewers see Natasha's tribute in its entirety. 

Robin Gibb--A Sudden Passing

 I believe Robin Gibb passed away hours before the start of the awards show? I could hear quite a few people in the audience were unaware that he passed and heard a few "gasps", but other than that I think a few people didn't know who he was--particularly the younger people. I send my condolences out to Mr. Gibb's family and especially to Barry--a man who has now seen the loss of all of his baby brothers =(

Whitney Houston

The Whitney Houston tribute was beautiful. Whoopi introduced everyone who took part in the tribute and I really loved the things she said about Whitney.

 John Legend did a soul-filled rendition of The Greatest Love of All (said a few lyrics wrong, but nothing to complain about; it may have been his own twist). Jordin Sparks sang I Will Always Love You nicely and I think she did a very great job considering how hard the song is. It is very clear that no one can sing Whitney's I Will Always Love You in the way that Whitney sang it. I've never heard anyone sing the song with as much power as Whitney did.

Bobbi Kristina is a such a strong and beautiful young lady and I enjoyed her speech. I choose to not use this post to talk about my feelings toward Pat Houston. (But if you'd like to know.......

Adam "MCA" Yauch

Goodie Mob did a pumped-up tribute to Beastie Boys' late member Adam "MCA" Yauch along with a show-stealing dancer from Cirque de Soleil's Michael Jackson Immortal Show! I don't know his name, but the guy had one leg and he was slaying everyone on that stage!'


Billboard seemed to overlook a few people!

There was no tribute to Levon Helm--great drummer and vocalist with the Canadian group "The Band".

Late member of The Monkees, Davy Jones was also left out of the tribute.

Legendary singer Etta James (who actually had many Top 100 Hits on Billboard) was left out of the tribute.

Finally, a HUGE contributor to music, especially "popular" music was left out. Dick Clark. How in the world Dick Clark was left out, I have no idea!

I can't say I didn't enjoy the awards and I can't say that I did either. I wasn't excited about it as I usually am.


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