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Basketball Wives--Season 4, Episode 13

I first want to start off by saying that I understand that this current season of Basketball Wives has already completed filming and truly all the drama is over, but I must vent and get this off of my chest. I am ready to talk about last night's episode (Episode 13). Okay...

First off, let's talk about the putting of fish in someone else's room.

That's all I have to say about that. 
Let's get on to the big fish.


Last night Suzie tweeted that she had no part in telling Tami what Kesha had previously said. 

My face:

For now, I'm going to take her word for it, because I have faith in people.


Shaunie, Shaunie, Shaunie. The Puppetmaster-Who-Tries-To-Pretend-She's-Really-Not-A-Puppetmaster of all that goes on this show. I must say however, that she truly had little part in the drama of this episode, so I must commend her for that. She actually did try to talk some sense into Tami and what she was doing in her own way, so I don't have much to say about Shaunie. Emphasis on the "much".


I don't have much to say about Evelyn in this episode either. Notice the emphasis on "much" again. Both she and Shaunie did try to make things right and I believe they both genuinely felt for Kesha. However, I hope Evelyn keeps those feelings in mind the next time she's around Jen.


Shaunie and Evelyn

I like how you both consoled Kesha after Tami behaved like a bafoon. You both should have tried to put a stop to it as soon as Tami opened her mouth, but hey, whatever. 

Also, Evelyn, the fact that you helped Tami go through Kesha's phone.........

No words needed.


I understand Kesha's position and how she feels. I also understand her need to vent, but I PRAY that she STOPS VENTING TO SUZIE. Suzie CANNOT help herself. Matter of fact, don't vent to anyone else on that show! I don't believe Kesha was "talkin' ----" I believe she was in fact venting. However, if she feels the need to vent, I hope she also feels the need to also take some boxing lessons. Matter of fact, she should ride out to the roughest projects and find someone who will to teach her how to fight. Kesha, did you not watch the previous seasons of BBW?

Now. To the Big Kahuna.

Tami Roman

Tami Roman. I understand that Tami has apologized to Kesha--after weeks of "explaining" her actions, blaming producers for how she acts, etc. My question is though--would Tami have apologized if she didn't get the backlash from both haters and fans? Hmm. It may have taken viewers' reactions to help her see herself, but then again she may have genuinely seen it for herself.

But let me get straight into it. 

Now, I love Tami. I love her forwardness and her ability to keep it real. But Tami Roman must understand the difference between "keepin' it real" and being rude just because you feel like no one is going to challenge you.

Tami Roman. You are not a Supreme Being. Nobody is obligated to do anything you say or anything you want them to do. I understand how it feels to not want someone to talk about you behind your back--but Tami Roman, you are over 40 years old. You should know by now that people are going to talk about you behind your back.

Tami Roman. No matter who disagrees with me, you are famous now. You are a celebrity, you are a reality star. You are no longer in the hood, so that "Where I'm from we don't..." line? I personally don't want to hear it anymore. This is Basketball Wives, set in Miami. Not Basketball Wives, set on somebody's street corner. Even grown women in the hood eventually stop fighting and arguing. 

I hope you learn from this and you truly are sorry. We all make our mistakes and I still do have some love for you, but right now you're that Auntie who pissed the whole family off and nobody is talking to you or inviting you anywhere for the next couple of months.

ALL of you need to stop blaming the producers for your behavior! I understand that these people behind the cameras edit things, but an editor can't magically make you take someone's pocketbook. An editor can't magically make you run across a table to jump on somebody. Editors and producers can't do that.

We're all human beings! But you all are grown women with children and success. It's time to grow up and learn how to walk away. If you feel like you have to argue with somebody, take a page from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. We see these women argue all the time but we have yet to see any of them throwin' punches (well...we almost did once, but it didn't happen) and throwing wine bottles and plants at each other! 

Will I be watching Basketball Wives next season? I'm not gonna say "yes" and I'm not gonna say "no". I'm just gonna wait to see what happens--watch the news about filming, the gossip sites, stuff like that and I'll eventually make my decision down the line.

I think each of you are beautiful women with flaws as all human beings have, but sometimes we as people need to stop hiding behind our flaws and using them as excuses to lash out at each other. We most definitely shouldn't lash out on people who are clearly weaker than we are just because "they said something about me behind my back".


Basketball Wives Photo: http://hotspotatl.com/files/2012/02/basketball-wives-season-4-cast-photos-2.jpg

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Other information obtained from Tami Roman's Facebook and Twitter page and Suzie Ketcham's Twitter page.

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