Sunday, May 13, 2012

Adrienne Loves...Faye Dunaway.

Mommie Dearest say the least. Was it entertaining? Yes. Was it entertaining on purpose? Probably not. 

I have read that Joan Crawford was a difficult woman and could do pretty mean things sometimes, but I do believe that the movie may have been dramatized a little too much. However, Ms. Faye Dunaway did give the audience what the script called for and she played her part. I understand that she now hates the film and believes it ruined her career--maybe it did, but I really don't think that was her fault. I have yet to read the book (and really don't care to), but in all honesty--the script simply sucked to me.

Would I watch this movie again? Not if I can help it. But if for whatever reason I suddenly felt in the mood to watch it, it would only be because I want to watch Ms. Dunaway's performance. 

I must also add that the job done on Ms. Dunaway's appearance was quite spectacular!

Joan Crawford

Faye Dunaway

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  1. Four performers set the tone for the film noir class. Thses four emerged among their peers and furnished films with sexually engaging, however ethically at odds characters.


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