Thursday, June 14, 2012

Goodbye to Jen, Royce, & Kesha.

According to TMZ, Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed, and Kesha Nichols have been given the boot from Basketball Wives! Now, I previously made a post stating what I thought could be done to turn the show around (Click here to read it)

I really wanted Jennifer to stay--I want to see how she and Evelyn would mend their friendship and how Jennifer's social/business life would progress. The reason that they let her go is understandable, but it basically shows what VH1 really wants from this show. I'm not shocked, but I am a bit disappointed.


I also previously stated that as much as I love Royce, I didn't think she had a point on the show--she wasn't filming with the rest of the cast and she couldn't even talk about her ex, but I do think it's very shady and wrong to keep her separated from Shaunie the rest of the cast, especially when some of the women with beef were constantly being placed in the same room.


Kesha. I liked Kesha, but I've already expressed that she had no business being their in the first place. I can't even understand why she had to be "fired" (if that's really the case). 


I would have liked to have seen Tami take a break from the show and I expected Evelyn to be gone since she and Chad have their own show in the works, but hey...whatever.

Do you think VH1/Shaunie made good decisions? Do you wish someone would have stayed? Do you wish someone was fired instead?


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